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Visiting Insect Collections

The following information is provided for those dipterists who wish to arrange visits to the nearby insect collections to study their flies, either before or after the congress. Delegates will need to make their own arrangements, but we provide some relevant information below. California has many collections within a reasonable distance of Reno, and several more if you will travel a little further. If you are planning such visits, we encourage you to start making arrangements with their collections managers and curators, as we expect their will likely be high demand and limited space. We list the collections here along with their website and the approximate distance from Reno by car.

California State Collection of Arthropods (California Department of Food & Agriculture, Sacramento)

Bohart Museum of Entomology (University of California, Davis)

Essig Museum of Entomology Research (University of California, Berkeley)

California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)

Entomology Research Museum (University of California, Riverside)

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (Los Angeles)

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (Santa Barbara)

San Diego Natural History Museum (San Diego)