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Want to become a member of the North American Dipterists Society?

Membership is open to all people interested in flies!

If you fit into that category, please join and support the Society!

As an international society based in North America,
we welcome the worldwide community of dipterists and Diptera-enthusiasts,
and our programs and resources apply to all dipterists!

Why join the Society?

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Membership and donations are our sole means of support towards our goals of furthering the science and appreciation of dipterology and fostering connections among dipterists, including everything outlined here on our Society webpages. So if you are interested to join in our mission, from publications to hosting meetings, to providing support for students and research and travel grants, please consider joining the Society today!

Please see the Membership Types below, and click the "Join or Renew" tab above.

All memberships will confer modest discounts towards certain Society-supported publications, meetings and merchandise. Members will also have the ability to apply or be nominated for certain "members only" grants and awards, and only members will be eligible to be appointed to Society offices and committees.

Joining the Dipterists mailing list server, being included in the Directory of World Dipterists, and accessing the Fly Times, Fly Times Supplement and electronically available portions of Myia do not require membership and are free to everyone interested! The same is true for submission of manuscripts to these publications.

Because we are a nonprofit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, membership and donations are tax deductible charitable contributions for US taxpayers.

Membership types

Membership is by calendar year. You may join at any time for membership in that calendar year.

Founding — $150

This optional category of membership is only available through 2023, and offers lifetime recognition for being among the initial group of members - that is, the Founding Members. The fee is higher for the first year, and then drops to the Individual/Renewal level fee, although the title of "Founding Member" is retained and will be indicated as a part of your membership number, and you will be acknowledged as such on our webpage. There are no extra benefits, except the benefit of providing critical extra support at the starting phase of the Society

Individual — $40

This is the regular membership


This category will not exist until the 2022 membership year, but will be the same amount as the Individual or Reduced-fee membership (for Founding Members, the amount drops to the Individual membership rate). Note, this does not apply to sponsorship of members, but rather to your own membership as a renewal or a new membership

Reduced-fee — $20

A membership rate for K—12 teachers, students at any level (pre-college, undergraduate, masters, doctoral), or for otherwise Individual members coming from countries with low and middle income economies


A membership fee being paid for someone else, as a gift or sponsorship for any of the membership types above. This represents payment of the membership fee for the person you indicate, or if no one is indicated (i.e., an open sponsorship), the payment will be applied to a member or members by request due to financial or other circumstances


There is no fee associated with being an Honorary Member, as this membership is conferred by the Society. There is no need to renew this membership, as it is continuous

Your membership supports dipterists and dipterology!

For electronic payments, please use the form below. Our electronic payments are securely processed through iATS Payments. You can also pay by check or money order.

To pay by check or money order (made out to "North American Dipterists Society"), please submit along with the filled and printed MEMBERSHIP FORM to:

Chris Borkent, Treasurer
North American Dipterists Society
P.O. Box 231113
Sacramento, California 95823, USA

Please also consider making a donation along with your membership to further support the Society and its mission!

We are a nonprofit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, and your membership and any donations may be tax deductible charitable contributions. You will receive written acknowledgment and thanks for your payment.