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Current: Issue 66, Spring 2021

The Fly Times is the primary publication of the North American Dipterists Society, produced on a regular schedule twice per year (Spring and Fall) since 1988. What started out largely as a newsletter to keep the dipterists of North America informed about various goings-on among colleagues has become an international publication with authors and readers from all over the world. If you are considering submitting a manuscript, please see the Instructions for Authors!

The Fly Times accepts submissions on all aspects of dipterology, providing a great forum for:

  • original research and ongoing projects
  • Diptera survey activities and collecting trips
  • new and improved collecting and rearing methods
  • invitations to upcoming meetings and summaries of meetings past
  • announcements of opportunities for dipterists and students
  • notices for new projects with invitations to collaborators or requests for specimens
  • new and improved curatorial methods and preparation techniques
  • catalogs, checklists and faunistic works
  • interesting observations about flies
  • photographs of various Diptera
  • historical treatises on important dipterists and works
  • descriptions and other information about various museums and important Diptera collections
  • announcements of new books, book reviews, and lists of publications in dipterology
  • and various other reports, announcements, ponderings and pontifications about flies

The frontispiece of the Fly Times has been, since the inaugural issue, the empidid male holding an earth-like balloon in the figure on the left column of this website, which was provided by Jeff Cumming. This logo has stuck throughout the years, and remains the logo of the North American Dipterists Society to this day.

Fly Times Supplement 3 gives a more detailed history of the Fly Times through issue 60, presenting historical information, the tables of contents for all issues, and various indexes to make information more readily available.

Announcements of new issues and calls for manuscripts will be made through the Dipterists mailing list server periodically.

Instructions for Authors

Although not a peer-reviewed journal, all submissions are carefully considered by the editor before acceptance. We encourage submissions from dipterists worldwide on a wide variety of topics that will be of general interest to other dipterists, and hope that this will be an attractive medium for students through retirees to showcase their activities.

Manuscript submissions and inquiries should be directed to:
and cc, and

The requirements for submission are simple. Please send me a single-spaced text file (.rtf or .doc preferred) along with separate image files (.jpg or .png preferred).

Following are some specific do's and don't's, bearing in mind that consistency among manuscripts is important:

  1. Do not embed images into the text file (but do indicate in the text file approximately where each image should be placed).
  2. Only submit image files of a reasonable size (no more than about 1MB per image file).
  3. Do not use embedded styles (e.g., the various heading styles, small caps, paragraph spacing, etc.). Limit styles to italics, bold, and (if you must) underline, and single-spacing.
  4. Do not use different fonts, different font-sizes, or different colored fonts as headings.

The approximate deadlines for submission are the end of May and the end of November, although I can be flexible up to the time of publication (which will generally be early June (spring issue) and early December (fall issue). For larger manuscripts your submissions may be considered for inclusion in the Fly Times Supplement series.

Issue 66, Spring 2021

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