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Dipterists are invited to submit symposium ideas. Please see the Symposium Guidelines to learn how to submit a symposium suggestion.

Following is the current list of symposium titles along with their organizers. There is still room for more symposia suggestions, so please feel free to do so!

If you are interested in presenting a talk in one of these symposia, please contact Martin Hauser (mhauser@dipterists.org) with details. We will have slots for talks outside of these symposia as well - covering any dipterological topic - so please contact Martin with your talk suggestions.

Please visit the abstract submission page for guidelines and instructions. As the scientific program grows, the symposia, conveners and other details will be kept up to date here.

The following symposia have been announced so far:

Symposium Organizers
Acalyptratae Keith Bayless
Advances in Afrotropical Dipterology Ashley Kirk-Spriggs
Brad Sinclair
Advances in Diptera Palaeontology Vladimir Blagoderov
Agnieszka Soszyńska
Advances in lower Brachycera systematics and taxonomy Xuankun Li
Diego Fachin
Biology, Ecology and Development of Management Strategies for Biting Flies Daniel Kline
Jerry Hogsette
Calyptrate systematics and diversity Daniel Whitmore
Pierfilippo Cerretti
Culicomorpha John Soghigian
Brian Wiegmann
Diptera morphology Gregory Curler
André Amaral
Diptera Phylogenomics Jessica Gillung
Liping Yan
Diptera Pollinators Andrew Young
Diptera surveys and conservation Marc Pollet
Justin Runyon
Dipterans as parasites and vectors Tamara Szentivanyi
Dipterology in Forensic Entomology Bob Kimsey
Empidoidea Marija Ivković
Multilevel solutions to large taxonomic problems in Diptera Leshon Lee
Valerio Caruso
Syrphoidea Jeff Skevington
Ximo Mengual
Systematics & Ecology of Bibionomorpha Chris Borkent
Netta Dorchin
Taxonomy and phylogeny of Asilidae – honoring Eric Fisher and his impact on understanding the Nearctic & Neotropical fauna Torsten Dikow
Tephritoidea of economic importance Severyn Korneyev